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  1. The autocratic president of Belarus says he is ready to invite Russian troops into his nation if required for the security of both Belarus and Russia. Alexander Lukashenko's comments were due to raise tensions with the international community.
  2. A Belarusian Olympic athlete who criticized her nation’s authoritarian leadership and coaches wants asylum in a European Union nation, Worthy News learned Sunday.
  3. As many as 1.95 million households across America owed a collective $15 billion in back rent when a nationwide eviction moratorium expired this weekend, according to Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia estimates.
  4. The Supreme Court is made up of a majority of conservative justices, but this latest term has taught Americans that not all conservatives are created equally. Instead of a 6-3 divide between conservative and liberal justices, some of the court's major decisions reveal a 3-3-3 divide.
  5. The United States has joined the United Kingdom and Israel in accusing Iran of carrying out a deadly drone strike that killed two aboard a tanker off Oman.
  6. It started two weeks ago as a small-scale demonstration over water shortages in a remote province, but like other Iranian protests in recent years, the outburst has spread to several major cities with large crowds calling for the downfall of the Iranian regime and chants of “Death to the dictator.”
  7. Taliban fighters struck Kandahar airport in southern Afghanistan with at least three rockets overnight, the insurgent group's spokesman said on Sunday, adding that the aim was to thwart air strikes conducted by Afghan government forces.
  8. It's no longer a framework: Senators on Sunday evening revealed and introduced legislative text for a bipartisan infrastructure deal crafted after months of negotiations among a bipartisan group of lawmakers.
  9. The White House announced Friday a slate of nominations and appointments for top religious affairs roles, including the first Muslim American nominated to be the US ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom (IRF).
  10. Christian aid workers warned Friday that Afghan Christians are “at a huge risk” as American troops leave the country.